Top 6 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

In this day and age, the cost of living is skyrocketing and every business wants to hire the best SEO Services at affordable prices. To survive this race a lot of Digital Marketing companies try to deliver results in less time-consuming ways. Due to this, they tend to make a lot of SEO mistakes that have a major impact on businesses.
Let’s tell you about the Top 6 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2020
1. Not updating your URLs
When you are updating a website, SEOs forget about the links. This is a rookie mistake a lot of SEOs make. You might have the best website, perfect keywords and Meta descriptions, but, if the URLs are not working then it’s a major disadvantage for your business. It’s because if your website was previously getting a lot of traffic then it will suddenly see a downfall as Google won’t know where to direct that traffic any more.
2. Not Adding Alt Text to your Images
If you want to get a good ranking for your website then don’t be lazy. Several Digital Marketing agency skip the step of adding Alt-Text to their pictures. Google bot is unable to see pictures that you insert in your content. That’s the reason Alt-Text is very important. It is like a little description about your image that Google reads and gives to your searchers.
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3. Adding too many keywords or the wrong ones
To avoid this mistake try to think like your customers. What words will your customers use to describe your product? A lot of SEOs either stuff too many keywords or the irrelevant ones. Too many will be flagged as spam by Google and turn out to be a huge disadvantage.The ones not related to your content will confuse Google and direct the wrong searcher to your website. So, think before choosing your keywords as what you think is apt might not be in your customers’ eyes.
4. Up-to-date with SEO Trends
In the case of Search Engine Optimization, change is always good. This is one such area which is constantly getting updated. SEOs make the mistake of sticking to one type of marketing strategy and because of this; they aren’t able to reap benefits. So, know about the latest SEO trends and implement it in your day to day work.
5. Poor Site Structure
Some Digital Marketing companies make the SEO mistake of overlooking the structure and performance of a website. They miss the major factors like speed, user experience and safety of a site.
• Speed – A website should be fast enough to respond to users. If it isn’t then users will abandon your site and look elsewhere resulting in low traffic.
• Safety – If your website doesn’t have a lock symbol in the URL bar then it is tagged by Google as ‘Not Secure’. This directly impacts your site ranking as Google doesn’t trust unsecured sites and neither do people.
• Structure – This is vital as from a user’s point of view your site should be easy to navigate. For instance, a site should give them options to view different services in different tabs and clicking on the logo should direct them back to your homepage. This ensures good user experience and more conversion rate for your website.
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6. Buying Backlinks
Most SEOs make the mistake of taking short cuts to achieve their goal in less time. One of them is buying Backlinks instead of doing it themselves. We agree that buying Backlinks is an easy way to get the job done but it is still ethically wrong, according to Google Guidelines.The worst part is that if Google catches your mistake then it will flag your site and shut it down permanently. So our advice is to take a little more time with Backlinks but don’t be lazy enough to buy them.We wanted to make you aware of the consequences of making these SEO Mistakes so that you can avoid them in the future. We understand that SEO can be quite challenging but if you know where to improve then it can make all the difference.
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